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National Hemp Industry Stakeholder Comment Site

Stakeholder Comment Site, USDA/ARS


Welcome to the Comment Page for the OSU-USDA National Hemp Industry Research Needs Workshop

Participate in the National Hemp Industry Research Needs Workshop 

held virtually on November 15, 2022.


Registration Deadline: November 11, 2022

Thank you for your willingness to provide critical information to help gather stakeholder input. Your input will help 1) visualize the overall short-, medium-, and long-term hemp research goals to meet stakeholder needs, and 2) identify effective private-public partnerships to accelerate the development of a successful hemp industry. We invite you to answer a few questions, below.

The site is now closed for receipt of comments. To provide input, please email Paul Zankowski directly at paul.zankowski@usda.gov.


  1. What are your hemp research priorities?
  2. Considering that hemp research is conducted by both the public and private sectors, how should research responsibilities and obligations be coordinated between public and private sectors?
  3. What specific short-, medium-, and long-term hemp research goals and useful products should the public research community pursue during the next 5-6 years?
  4. At present, there is limited funding for public sector hemp research by federal agencies and universities. What would be the best ways for private sector and commodity organizations to partner with the public sector to maximize efficiencies and impacts from available research investments?